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The Yale Journal on Regulation is proud to be the largest and highest-ranked specialized journal at YLS. We welcome both new and returning J.D. and L.L.M. students from all backgrounds to join our community. JREG has broad scope and is the top-ranked U.S. law journal in seven specialties including corporate law, administrative law, bankruptcy law, and communications law.

Why should you join us? We offer students unparalleled early access to legal scholarship thorough editing, training, and—of course—membership in a vibrant social community and mentorship from like-minded students. JREG membership involves a two semester commitment. New members may elect to serve as Editors or apply to serve as a Lead Editor.

To join, please fill out the Google Form here. You can also check us out on Twitter and Facebook.

We hope you will join us!

EditorsFirst-year students and first-time JREG members typically begin as Editors. JREG Editors join an Edit Team for one article per issue (two articles per academic year). Editors assist the Articles Editors, Executive Editors, and EICs by verifying the accuracy of an article’s citations and ensuring that citations comply with the Bluebook and JREG style guidelines. Editors must participate in one sourcecite session per semester.
Lead EditorsAll students (including 1Ls) may also choose to apply to serve as a Lead Editor. For each article, two Lead Editors will work directly with an Articles Editor to draft an Edit Letter communicating substantive and stylistic feedback to the Author(s). Lead Editors will also assist the Managing Editors with logistical arrangements for the sourcecite. The Lead Editor role is an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking an early engagement with academic journal work and greater JREG responsibility. The Lead Editor position is a minimum one semester commitment, but individuals must still complete two semesters of JREG work for inclusion on the masthead (e.g., an individual might serve as an LE one semester and an Editor for the other). Lead Editors must also participate in one sourcecite session per semester.
Senior EditorsStudents who have served on a previous volume of JREG have the opportunity to participate as Senior Editors. Senior Editors complete the same requirements as Editors, but also contribute to JREG’s institutional memory and vibrant community.
JREG BoardEach spring, JREG conducts slating for the upcoming Volume. All YLS students are encouraged to slate, but previous JREG involvement is strongly preferred. Articles, Submissions, Notes, Comments, Online, Projects, and Managing Editor positions are open to all continuing YLS students. Executive Board positions are traditionally reserved for rising third-year students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to JREG.Transfer and LLM students are especially encouraged to contact the EICs regarding higher level opportunities for involvement in JREG.