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A Hard Look: A Podcast by the Administrative Law Review

From the Administrative Law Review:

A Hard Look started in October, 2019, as a way to expand the accessibility of the Administrative Law Review. In its first year, and with only three episodes, the podcast has generated over one thousand hits and covered developments in the Supreme Court cases Kisor v. Wilkie, Department of Commerce v. New York, and SEC v. Lucia.

This year, A Hard Look will feature two types of episodes: Publication episodes and Subject Matter episodes. The Publication episodes will be produced four times a year, to be released in conjunction with the quarterly Administrative Law Review and ALR Accord publications and provide a brief preview or abstract on the pieces that are included. The Subject Matter episodes will feature a student producer/host and practitioner discussing an area of or development in administrative law that is current, interesting, concerning, or particularly important.

If you are looking to support A Hard Look, the podcast is now seeking topic suggestions and volunteer guests for our Subject Matter episodes. If you are comfortable being recorded and have expertise on a particularly new or interesting aspect of Administrative Law, please email the podcast here. Some topics may include: techniques for using administrative law in client strategy; failed regulatory policies; proposals that may be particularly impactful on an individual or systemic level; or up-and-coming, unusual, or overlooked industries. Some subject areas may include sports and entertainment, civil rights, food and drug, new technologies, and more.

The podcast is currently available on Apple App, SoundCloud, and the ALR page and will be made available on Spotify and Google Podcasts soon.

For questions, suggestions, ideas, or more information, please contact Sarah Knarzer by email.

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