Notice & Comment

A Personal Programming Note

Today I start a semester-long academic fellowship in Senator Orrin Hatch’s Office to work on judicial nominations and regulatory reform legislation. Due to joining the Senate staff, my blogging (and tweeting) will be limited to conform to these new professional obligations (and the Senate ethics rules). For instance, I won’t be blogging about any potential regulatory reform legislation or judicial nominations. It should go without saying that any blogging (or tweeting) I may do during this time is in my personal capacity, and does not represent the views of anyone else.

I am excited to serve in this capacity and am grateful to my law school for accommodating my teaching schedule and other responsibilities to make this happen. Some people dream of backpacking through Europe or playing a sport at the professional level; having the chance to work in Congress during a Supreme Court nomination has long been at the top of my list. So I’m very excited about this adventure, even if it means a little less blogging/tweeting than normal.

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