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AALS Administrative Law Section – Meet a Member: Hal Krent, by Kent Barnett

Although scholars may not be able to see each other at conferences or other events for the foreseeable future, they can still maintain some virtual connection.

The Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Section on Administrative Law continues its initiative: “Meet a Member.” The section will introduce our members from time to time, and it hopes that the initiative allows you to get to know some colleagues better or become familiar with those whom you just haven’t yet met in person.

AALS Administrative Law Section – Meet a Member

Hal Krent

Institution:  Chicago-Kent College of Law

Hometown:  Cleveland, Ohio

Current Project:  I just finished an essay addressing temporal limits on the impeachment power, i.e., can President Trump be impeached after he leaves office? I am now exploring when and why courts focus more on the process of agency decisionmaking than substance.

Favorite APA Provision and why?  Section 553 – an innovation ahead of its time!

Hard Look or Soft Glance?  Like most judges, I would give a soft glance unless I cared deeply.

You can pick three former Supreme Court Justices for a dinner party. Whom do you choose and why?  There are so many, but I might instead invite Justice Kagan because she seems to have done well after her deanship….

What would students incorrectly assume about you?  I doubt students would think that I am an avid and somewhat proficient tennis player.

Where do you want to vacation next (whenever we can vacation normally again)?  I would like to explore the Grand Canyon because, well, I never have.

After having served for more than 16 years (!) as dean of ITT Chicago-Kent College of Law, Professor Krent has wasted no time in returning to his scholarship. His most recent accepted publication is Can President Trump Be Impeached as Mr. Trump? Exploring the Temporal Dimension of Impeachments, forthcoming in the Chicago-Kent Law Review.

Check out Professor Krent’s faculty profile here and download his papers from SSRN here.

Kent Barnett is the J. Alton Hosch Associate Professor at the University of Georgia School of Law. He currently serves as Chair of the AALS Section on Administrative Law.

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