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Ad Law Reading Room: “Administrative Law: A Public Casebook for the American Public Law System,” by Daniel Walters

Today’s Ad Law Reading Room entry is a bit different. There’s no abstract. There’s not even an article! Instead, I wanted to flag Daniel Walters’ new open-access administrative law casebook, “Administrative Law: A Public Casebook for the American Public Law System.” You can download the casebook from SSRN, but it’s also available over the H2O platform and on Amazon. (Walters explains the various details here.)

I can’t claim to have read it cover to cover, but the substance of the casebook looks fantastic. As with all books I use to teach, however, I’m sure there are additions I would like to make. I also tend to teach casebooks wildly out of order. What makes H2O unique is that the platform allows you to clone the book and make changes directly to it. No more annoying supplements or telling students that the day one readings start at page 1011. And the end product is free to students online or available through low-cost printed options. If you teach administrative law or are simply curious, I would urge you to check it out.

The Ad Law Reading Room is a recurring feature that highlights recent scholarship in administrative law and related fields. You can find all posts in the series here.

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