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Administrative Law Bridge Series, 2014 Review

The Yale Journal on Regulation started this blog back in September. With the launch of the blog, I started the Administrative Law Bridge Series. Each week I’ve highlighted terrific scholarship in administrative law and regulation to help bridge the gap between theory and practice in the regulatory state. The introduction to the AdLaw Bridge Series is here, and all the posts can be found here.

Here’s a list of the outstanding adlaw scholarship I highlighted in 2014, with links to each review (in the order they were highlighted):

  1. David Pozen, Self-Help and the Separation of Powers (Yale Law Journal) (JREG review here, with follow-up post here)
  2. Daniel A. Farber & Anne Joseph O’Connell, The Lost World of Administrative Law (Texas Law Review) (JREG review here)
  3. Miriam Seifter, States as Interest Groups in the Administrative Process (Virginia Law Review), reviewed by KathrynWatts in Jotwell (JREG review here)
  4. Gillian Metzger, Administrative Law, Public Administration, and the Administrative Conference of the United States (George Washington Law Review forthcoming) (JREG review here)
  5. Mila Sohoni, The Power To Privilege (University of Pennsylvania Law Review forthcoming) (JREG review here)
  6. Fatma Marouf, Michael Kagan & Rebecca Gill, Justice on the Fly: The Danger of Errant Deportations (Ohio State Law Journal) (JREG review here)
  7. Mehrsa Baradaran, Regulation by Hypothetical (Vanderbilt Law Review) (JREG review here)
  8. Margo Schlanger, Offices of Goodness: Influence Without Authority in Federal Agencies (Cardozo Law Review) (JREG review here)
  9. The Fordham Law Review’s Chevron at 30: Looking Back and Looking Forward Symposium (JREG review here)
  10. Michael Greve & Ashley Parrish, Administrative Law Without Congress: Of Rewrites, Shell Games, and Big Waivers (George Mason Law Review forthcoming) (JREG review here)
  11.  Kent Barnett, Codifying Chevrmore (NYU Law Review forthcoming) (JREG review here)
  12.  Eloise Pasachoff, Agency Enforcement of Spending Clause Statutes: A Defense of the Funding Cut-Off (Yale Law Journal) (JREG review here)
  13.  Robert Ahdieh, Reanalyzing Cost-Benefit Analysis: Toward a Framework of Functions(s) and Form(s) (NYU Law Review), reviewed by Jack Beermann in Jotwell (JREG review here)
  14. The Green Bag’s Micro-Symposium on Scalia & Garner’s Reading Law (JREG reviews here, here, and here)
  15. Jennifer Nou, Sub-Regulating Elections (Supreme Court Review), reviewed by Betrall Ross inJotwell (JREG review here)
  16. The George Washington Law Review’s Annual Review of Administrative Law (JREG review here)
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