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Administrative Law SSRN Reading List, July 2023 Edition

Here is the July Edition of the most-downloaded recent papers (those announced in the last 60 days) from SSRN’s U.S. Administrative Law eJournal, which is edited by Bill Funk

  1. Major Questions, Common Sense? by Kevin Tobia, Daniel Walters & Brian G. Slocum (Southern California Law Review forthcoming)
  2. The Neglected Value of Effective Government by Richard H. Pildes (University of Chicago Law Forum forthcoming)
  3. The Major Questions Doctrine’s Domain by Todd Phillips & Beau J. Baumann
  4. Two Justifications for the Major Questions Doctrine by Cass Sunstein
  5. The Founders’ Purse by Christine Kexel Chabot 
  6. The Death of Administrative Law by David Froomkin
  7. Of Major Questions and Nondelegation by Patrick J. Sobkowski (Yale Journal on Regulation: Notice & Comment (July 3, 2023))
  8. Federal Tort Liability after Egbert v. Boule: A Textual Case for Restoring the Officer Suit at Common Law by James E. Pfander & Rex Alley
  9. Section 501(C)(3) Charitable Purpose Meets Administrative Law by Ellen P. Aprill (Tax Lawyer forthcoming)
  10. Textualism and the Administrative Procedure Act by Kristin E. Hickman & Mark Thomson (98 Notre Dame Law Review 2071 (2023))

For more on why SSRN and this eJournal are such terrific resources for administrative law scholars and practitioners, check out my first post on the subject here. You can check out the full rankings, updated daily, here.

Thanks to my terrific research assistant Neena Menon for helping put together this monthly post. I’ll report back in September with the next edition.

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