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Administrative Law SSRN Reading List, November 2016 Edition

Here is the November 2016 edition of the most-downloaded recent papers (those announced in the last 60 days) from SSRN’s U.S. Administrative Law eJournal, which is edited by Bill Funk. This is a terrific set of papers, and I wish I had more time this week to say a few words about each one.

  1. Bureaucracy and Distrust: Landis, Jaffe, and Kagan on the Administrative State by Adrian Vermeule (Harvard Law Review forthcoming)
  1. The Costs and Benefits of Antitrust Consents by Joshua D. Wright and Douglas H. Ginsburg
  1. The Protean Take Care Clause by Jack Goldsmith & John F. Manning (University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Vol. 164, 2016)
  1. Public-Private Cybersecurity by Kristen Eichensehr (Texas Law Review forthcoming)
  1. English Foundations of US Administrative Law: Four Central Errors by Paul Craig
  1. Chevron Step One-and-a-Half by Daniel Jacob Hemel & Aaron Nielson (University of Chicago Law Review forthcoming)
  1. Should Regulation Be Countercyclical? by Jonathan S. Masur & Eric A. Posner
  1. Federalism and the Rise of State Consumer Protection Law in the United States by Joshua D. Wright
  1. Localist Administrative Law by Nestor M. Davidson (Yale Law Journal forthcoming)
  1. Gridlock? by Josh Chafetz (Harvard Law Review Forum, Vol. 130, November 2016)

For more on why SSRN and this eJournal are such terrific resources for administrative law scholars and practitioners, check out my first post on the subject here. You can check out the full rankings, updated daily, here.

Thanks to my terrific research assistant Brooks Boron for helping put together this monthly post. I’ll report back at the start of January with the next edition.


This post is part of the Administrative Law Bridge Series, which highlights terrific scholarship in administrative law and regulation to help bridge the gap between theory and practice in the regulatory state. The Series is further explained here, and all posts in the Series can be found here.

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