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Annual List of Leg-Reg/Administrative Law Requirements, by Ben Bratman

I have completed the annual update to the list of schools requiring a Legislation & Regulation or Administrative Law course. Links to the pertinent page of the school’s website now appear for every entry. There are a small number of new schools on the list (all appearing in bold), including Mitchell Hamline and Berkeley Law. A few schools fell off last year’s list, including Ohio Northern and University of New Hampshire. The trends over the last few years, as best as they can be determined, are flat—a few schools are added each year, and a few schools fall off each year. I have heard rumblings from at least one school of a possible retrenchment as to required legislative or regulatory law courses in light of the expanded skills focus of the coming NextGen bar exam—for example, on negotiation and dispute resolution. Even accepting the advisability of a bar-influenced approach to setting a curriculum, I perceive the foundational skills of statutory analysis and interpretation, embedded in any Leg-Reg or similar course, as absolutely crucial preparation for any bar exam.

Any errors or omissions on the list? Please let me know by email,

Ben Bratman is a Professor of Legal Writing at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

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