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Annual Meeting of the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis, March 17-18, 21-22, 2022, by Craig Thornton

Colleagues in Administrative Law:

In a month, the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis will hold its annual meeting (March 17-18 and 21-22). The meeting will be held online this year and so it will be easy to attend. There are a number of sessions pertaining to the use of benefit-cost analysis in regulation and regulatory decision making that I think you and your colleagues will find useful. In particular, I want to call your attention to the following sessions:

The Year in Regulation: Benefits, Costs, and Other Implications of Federal Regulations in 2021 [Friday | March 18 | 11:00 am-12:30 pm ]

Chair: Clark Nardinelli, FDA


  • Bridget Dooling, George Washington University
  • Caroline Cecot, George Mason University
  • Stuart Shapiro, Rutgers University
  • Jonathan Wiener, Duke University
  • Dominic Mancini, US Executive Office of the President

Modernizing Regulatory Analysis: A conversation with former OIRA Administrators [ Friday | March 18 | 1:00 pm-2:30 pm ]


  • Sally Katzen, New York University
  • Susan Dudley, George Washington University
  • Boris Bershteyn, Skadden and Associates
  • Paul Ray, Patomak Global Partners

In addition, the conference will include a number of presentations that explore aspects of administrative law:

  • Who Wins and Who Loses: Inequality and Regulation?
  • What VSL should we use? Options for developing national and global defaults.
  • Norms and standards in CBA: national and EU guidelines
  • Roundtable on the new UK Government guidance on the use of wellbeing metrics for public policy
  • Valuing Morbidity
  • Recent Developments in Equity in Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • Application of EPA’s “Climate Change and Social Vulnerability in the United States: A Focus on Six Impacts” to Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • Distribution and Disputation: Net Benefits, Equity, and the Place of Benefit-Cost Analysis in Public Decision Making [Plenary session by Spencer Banzhaf, Georgia State University]
  • Using BCA to support agile regulatory governance
  • Plus, dozens of other sessions looking at methodological issues and policy issues related to climate, transportation, food, education, and other areas.

To see the full program and to register for the conference, you can go to the Society’s website: 2022 Annual Conference (

Craig Thornton is the Past President of the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis.

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