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Blog Merger Announcement: the Yale Journal on Regulation and the ABA Section of Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice Join Forces

WASHINGTON (October 29, 2015) – The ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice (Adlaw Section) announced the official merger of the Section’s blog, Notice and Comment, with the Yale Journal on Regulation (JREG) blog (also called Notice and Comment) at its 2015 Fall Administrative Law Conference. The new blog will combine contributors from both entities. The blog’s primary focus will continue to be the coverage of regulatory news and events.

Jeffrey Rosen, a partner a Kirkland & Ellis and the current chair of the Adlaw Section stated, “this unique combination of the JREG and ABA Adlaw blogs instantly becomes a must-read for administrative lawyers and scholars.” “At the same time, for writers about regulatory developments, it is a wonderful place to gain a large and sophisticated audience of administrative law readers.” Jeff further stated that “anyone who has overlooked these separate blogs in the past will gain a lot by taking a look at the new collaboration, and I am confident ABA Adlaw Section members will find the joint effort a compelling addition to our Section’s lineup of helpful publications for regulatory lawyers.”

“We are immensely excited to join forces with the ABA Adlaw and Regulatory Section for the Notice & Comment blog,” said Benjamin Woodring and Jaclyn Harris, the editors-in-chief of JREG. “It’s essential today to have a platform allowing for real-time response and dialogue regarding the quickly-changing worlds of law and regulatory policy. And a critical mass of voices is what makes that conversation meaningful. The Notice & Comment blog looks to be that dynamic, go-to resource.”

The ABA Adlaw blog was designed by members to provide a forum for sharing recent developments in administrative law, sections news and spotlights on administrative law practitioners from all over the country. The JREG blog “seeks to facilitate dialogue between legal scholars and practitioners about a wide variety of regulatory topics, including administrative law generally, financial regulation, corporate law, environmental law, bankruptcy law, and tax law.” It covers regulatory events, papers, seminars, and legislation.

This merger will provide a wonderful opportunity for writers from the ABA Adlaw Section and JREG to come together and contribute their ideas for content and reach a wider audience of readers interested in administrative law.

Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice

As the home for lawyers who work for, interact with, or study government entities, the Section seeks to enhance their professional development, and further the vital public interest in effective, efficient, and fair administration at all levels of government. It serves these goals through education, dialogue, publications, and proposals for reform. It is our mission to (1) be the leader in providing professional development opportunities for current and future administrative law practitioners; (2) lend our legal expertise to the resolution of important administrative law issues at the state, national and international levels; (3) provide authoritative and practical analyses and products for the improvement of administrative law and practice; and (4) provide settings in which government, private, and academic lawyers, and the judiciary can exchange insights and information.

Yale Journal on Regulation

Established in 1983, the Yale Journal on Regulation (JREG) is one of the top 10 specialized law journals in the United States and is ranked first in several categories, including Administrative Law, Commercial Law, Corporations & Associations, and Bankruptcy (Source: Washington & Lee Law Journals: Submissions & Ranking). JREG publishes in-depth scholarly articles by professors and legal practitioners twice a year, on a rich array of topics.


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