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Call for Officer Nominations: Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice (deadline 3/11), by Andrew Emery

The ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice is seeking nominations for leadership positions on our governing council. Please help us continue our legacy by nominating brilliant thoughtful lawyers with diverse views, perspectives, backgrounds, and roles in the field of administrative law. A nomination can be as simple as a few sentences. That said, the more detail about the nominee’s work in administrative law and regulatory practice and contributions to our Section, the stronger the nomination. You can nominate yourself, a colleague, or someone you admire from afar. We will start considering nominations on March 11, 2024, and continue through the end of March. You can send multiple nominations, so don’t wait. Keep the nominations coming.

The ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice pre-dates the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 (APA). Section council members have included Justices William Rehnquist, Stephen Breyer, Antonin Scalia, Brett Kavanaugh, and Ketanji Brown Jackson and many legends of the practice of law including Ron Cass, Neil Eisner, Michael Fitzpatrick, Russell Frisby, Ernest Gelhorn, Kristin Hickman, Linda Jellum, Sally Katzen, Kathryn Kovacs, Renée Landers, Ron Levin, Jane Luxton, Jeffery Rosen, Anna Shavers, Peter Strauss, Tom Sussman, Chris Walker, and Richard Wiley. To name but a fraction.

This year we anticipate nominating seven section members to join the Section’s leadership:

Vice Chair (1): The Vice Chair, by operation of the bylaws, will serve as Section Chair in the third year. This is a four-year commitment: Vice Chair (2024–25), Chair-Elect (2025–26), Chair (2026–27), and Immediate Past Chair (2027–28). During those four years, this individual serves on the executive leadership team and the governing council. Historically, this person has almost always served on the governing council, first as a council member (sometimes many years before) or has otherwise been deeply involved in the Section.

Secretary (1): The Secretary will serve a one-year term but can be renominated for additional terms.

Assistant Budget Officer (1): The Assistant Budget Officer will serve a one-year term to assist the Section’s Budget Officer in preparing the budget of the Section. Nominees for assistant budget officer should have experience with budgets.

Council Members (4): Council members will serve three-year terms (September 2024–August 2027) on the governing council of the Section. All members of the council will commit to attend quarterly council meetings, two of which are usually in person in Washington, DC, one of which is usually held where the ABA annual meeting takes place, and the fourth is usually held virtually. These meetings are held on Saturdays, usually from early morning through mid-afternoon, with an optional dinner the night before or day of. The Section reimburses most of the travel expenses necessary to attend council meetings. Council members also take on a variety of tasks to help run the Section, based on their interests and expertise and Section needs. Those could include assisting with the annual conferences or regular webinars; weighing in on ABA resolutions and other regulatory reform proposals; serving on scholarly publications and awards committees; and assisting with outreach, membership recruiting, and fundraising. Outside of the quarterly meetings, the time commitment is flexible and tailored to the particular council member’s strengths and interests. We seek council members from a great diversity of backgrounds and career paths in administrative law and regulatory practices—academics, private and public interest practitioners, and government lawyers. Some council members have extensive experience in the Section, and others less so. Some are based in the DC area, and others not. All must have been a member of the ABA and the Section for at least the last year. (If you’re unsure if the person you’re nominating qualifies, please nominate them anyway, and we will follow up. At the very least this helps us identify future Section members and leaders.)

This year’s Nominations Committee consists of Bill Araiza, Andrew Emery, and Wendy Wagner. We will begin our nominations process on March 11, 2024, so if you could send nominations before then, that would be ideal. We will consider nominations through the end of March. Self-nominations are highly encouraged. Send whatever information will support your nominations, in particular the nominee’s past involvement with the Section. Please send your nominations to the Nominations Committee Chair Andrew Emery at Feel free to ask questions about the process and the positions.

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