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Call for Papers: Lessons Learned from Covid-19

A few weeks ago, the C. Boyden Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State announced its 2020–2021 agenda for research roundtables. Today we are calling for papers for the first two Autumn 2020 roundtables, both related to the Covid-19 outbreak:

[T]he Gray Center’s first two research roundtables will focus on lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis: “Public Health: Regulation, Innovation, and Preparation,” and “Administration in Crisis: Pandemics, Financial Crises, and Other Emergencies.”

The first is intended to focus on ways in which technological innovation and prudent administration can help to make our country more resilient against threats to public health. And the second is intended to focus on ways to improve government’s response after crisis inevitably occurs.

Full details can be found in the announcement. Papers will be accepted on a rolling basis, with an eye to diversity in subjects and viewpoints. 

Needless to say, the Covid-19 crisis will have a gravitational pull on many of the Gray Center’s other 2020–2021 research roundtables. After these two aforementioned roundtables, another will be on “Facts, Science, and Expertise in the Administrative State.”

Meanwhile, this week the Center’s podcast began its series of audio recordings from our last Spring 2020 conference, on “Bureaucracy and Presidential Administration: Expertise and Accountability in Constitutional Government.” The videos from those panels, and the working papers we discussed, are already available online.

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