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Can’t Miss AdLaw Event This Week: ABA’s Annual Administrative Law Conference

If you’re interested in administrative law and regulatory practice (which I assume you are if you’re reading this blog) and you’re in DC (or even if you’re not), I hope you’re planning to attend the Annual Administrative Law Conference hosted by the American Bar Association’s Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice. The program takes place this Thursday and Friday, October 29-30, 2015, at the Walter E Washington Convention Center. You can register here, and the full program is available here.

For those who haven’t been before, the event gathers together hundreds of regulators and other government officials, administrative law practitioners, policy wonks, and scholars, students, and others interested in administrative law and regulation. The two days are packed with terrific panels—including a fair number of the regular bloggers here at the Yale Journal on Regulation—but there is also ample time for networking and catching up with friends in the field. In my opinion, it’s a must-attend event for adlaw geeks in addition to being the best annual adlaw events for scholars in the field. (Plus, for lawyers, you get 13.5 hours of CLE credit!)

Here’s a list of the topics/panels at the conference this year (with the full program available here):

Mortgage Bankers: Implications for the Future
Has the Time Come to Revisit Formal and Hybrid Rulemaking?
The George Washington Law Review’s Annual Review of Administrative Law: Chevron Bias, Preambles as Guidance, Oversight of Agency Enforcement Discretion, and Other Contemporary Issues
The Renaissance of Reg-Neg?
Working with OIRA—Perspectives from Former OIRA Staff
FTC v. NC Dental Board, Where Administrative Law Meets Antitrust
Differential Deference
Supreme Court Review and Preview: Ad Law Highlights from Last Term and the Term Ahead
After Rule-Making – Administrative Adjudication
Has the Supreme Court Given Agencies Free Rein On Interpreting and Reinterpreting Their Regulations?
Social Media & Rulemaking – How Far Can or Should Agencies Go?
The Constitutional Future of Administrative Law Judges (and Agency Adjudication More Generally)
Developments in Administrative Law, Part I
Developments in Administrative Law, Part II
The Regulatory Budget Revisited
Drugs, Hazardous Chemicals & Clean Urine: How the Dark Web is Used to Thwart Regulation
Making Rulemaking Better and the Disagreements About What That Means
Ethical Red Flags for Public Lawyers
Regulation In An Era Of Globalization
After King v. Burwell, What Is Chevron’s Domain?
Think Small: Writing Rules with Small Businesses in Mind

Hope to see you there! I’ll be at the entire event, and will be participating on the Thursday afternoon panel “Differential Deference”—talking about my empirical study Inside Agency Statutory Interpretation—and then on Friday morning will be presenting on the developments in agency adjudication that have occurred over the last year.


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