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Conclusion: Symposium on the ABA AdLaw Section’s 2016 Report to the President-Elect, by Emily Bremer and Paul Noe

Over the last several weeks, we have hosted an online symposium on the 2016 Report to the President-Elect on Improving the Administrative Process, which was released by the ABA Section on Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice in advance of the presidential election. The symposium has generated a robust, diverse discussion of many of the recommendations included in the Report.

Thank you to each of the participants for taking the time to share your unique, expert perspective on the Report’s recommendations. And thank you to Chris Walker for putting together this impressive line-up.

For convenience, here is a list of the posts in the symposium, in the order in which they appeared on the blog:

Introduction: Symposium on the ABA AdLaw Section’s 2016 Report to the President-Elect, by Emily Bremer

Three Years Ago Today the Senate Dems (Partially) Killed the Filibuster, by Chris Walker

The OIRA Transparency Problem, by Peter Strauss

The ABA AdLaw Section’s Report to the President-Elect: Adjudication Recommendations, by Michael Asimow

The Right Kind of Cooperation, by Aaron Nielson

The Role of ACUS in Improving the Administrative Process under the New Administration, by Cheryl Blake

Retrospective Review, for Tomorrow’s Sake, by Adam J. White

If the Public Is Not Aware of Agency Guidance, Does It Exist?, by Levon Schlichter

Revisiting APA Section 553, by Bernard W. Bell

Questions Concerning Federal Regulations during the Obama-Trump Transition, by John Cooney

A Syllabus on OIRA, by Jim Tozzi

Unbent Science, by Peter Strauss

Promoting the Alternative to the Alternative to Courts, by Renée M. Landers

Regulatory Review for Independent Agencies, by Neomi Rao

Finally, we want to thank again the committee members who produced an outstanding Report to the President-Elect, including:

Jack M. Beermann
Jeffrey Bossert Clark
Cary Coglianese
John F. Cooney
Michael A. Fitzpatrick
Michael Eric Herz
Jeffrey Lubbers
Roger Nober
David Rostker
Peter L. Strauss
Christopher J. Walker


Emily Bremer
Paul Noe
Ad Hoc Committee on Administrative Law Transition

This post is part of the Symposium on the ABA AdLaw Section’s 2016 Report to the President-Elect. An introduction to the symposium is here, and all of the posts are collected here. The views in this post, which expand upon the recommendations set forth in the Report, are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the ABA AdLaw Section. The full Report is available here.

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