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Event Announcement: “Reforming the Administrative State: Looking Back, and Looking Forward” (Hoover Institution)

On Friday, June 23, Stanford University’s Hoover Institution will host a public conference in Washington, DC, for discussion of new scholarship on regulation and administrative law.

It is the latest event convened by the Hoover Institution’s “Regulation and the Rule of Law Initiative,” which was founded by Michael McConnell, Charles Calomiris, and the late Allan Meltzer, to bring together scholars across disciplines to discuss the past, present, and future of federal administration.

Scholars will discuss papers that were originally presented at a workshop several weeks ago at the Hoover Institution on Stanford’s campus. Full details can be found below, with links to the versions of the draft papers that were presented at that workshop.

We hope you can join us. RSVP here.

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Reforming the Administrative State:
Looking Back, and Looking Forward

The Hoover Institution’s Regulation and the Rule of Law Initiative

June 23, 2017

The Hoover Institution
1399 New York Ave. NW, Suite 500
Washington DC

The recent presidential and congressional elections present a rare opportunity to significantly reform the modern administrative state. And the task of reform requires a deeper understanding of the modern administrative institutions’ origins.

The Hoover Institution’s Regulation and the Rule of Law Initiative continues to encourage the interdisciplinary development of significant scholarship on these issues. Please join us on Friday, June 23, when a number of scholars will present papers on the history, law, economics, and philosophy of the modern administrative state.

8:30 am

8:55 am
Welcoming Remarks by Charles Calomiris & Michael McConnell

9:00 am — Session 1
On The Nature of Limits in the Concept of Limited Government
Presented by: John Wallis, University of Maryland

The Origins of Economic Regulation in the United States: The Interstate Commerce and Bureau of Animal Industry Acts
Presented by: Alan Olmstead, University of California at Davis

The Unvanquished: The Administrative State and the Federal Communications Commission
Presented by: Harold Furchtgott-Roth, Hudson Institute

10:30- 10:45 am

10:45-12:15 pm — Session 2
Federalism and Democracy: Red State, Blue State- Federalism for All?
Presented by: Vicki Jackson, Harvard Law School

The “Administrative Process” in the 1940s Court
Presented by: Aditya Bamzai, University of Virginia School of Law

Modernizing the Administrative Procedure Act
Presented by: Christopher Walker, Ohio State Law School

12:15-1:15 pm

1:15-2:00 pm — Session 3
Today’s Opportunities for Reform: Panel Discussion
Presented by:
Chris Demuth, Hudson Institute
Michael McConnell, Senior Fellow Hoover Institution
Charles Calomiris, Visiting Fellow Hoover Institution & Columbia Business School

2:00 pm




Regulation and the Rule of Law Initiative” will host on a conference

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