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Exciting Additions to Jotwell’s Administrative Law Section


As I first noted on the blog back three years ago, the Administrative Law Section of Jotwell—The Journal of Things We Like (Lots)—is a terrific resource for administrative law practitioners and scholars. Each month Jotwell’s Administrative Law Section publishes a short review of a current piece of administrative law scholarship, usually authored by one of our terrific contributing editors who are all leading voices in the field. These reviews situate the scholarship within the broader literature—and oftentimes also within the realities of administrative-law practice—and then focus mainly on the things the reviewer likes (lots) about the piece.

In 2015, Michael Froomkin, Jotwell’s editor-in-chief and section editor for the Administrative Law Section, brought me on as a section co-editor, and it has been fun to collaborate with him on running the section. Michael recently decided to focus on Jotwell more generally, so I’m excited to announce that we have a new section co-editor: Eloise Pasachoff.  Professor Pasachoff and I have also added two new contributing editors to the team: Margaret Kwoka and Bijal Shah. I am so excited about these three editions, so let me spend a few words raving about each of them.

Professor Pasachoff is a law professor at Georgetown, and her scholarship focuses on the intersection of administrative law and education, with a particular focus on federal funding. I concur with Anne O’Connell from her Jotwell review of Pasachoff’s article The President’s Budget as a Source of Agency Policy Control (125 Yale Law Journal 2182 (2016)) that Pasachoff is one of my favorite administrative law scholars to read. And I’m very excited to be working with her to run the Jotwell section going forward.

Professor Kwoka is a law professor at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, and her scholarship focuses on the Freedom of Information Act, among other things. Professor O’Connell reviewed Kwoka’s article FOIA Inc. (65 Duke Law Journal 1361 (2016)) for Jotwell last year, and Kwoka presented her latest paper—First-Person FOIA—at the Second Annual Administrative Law New Scholarship Roundtable earlier this summer. Kwoka’s expertise in FOIA brings a unique and important perspective to our Jotwell team.

Professor Shah is a law professor at Arizona State’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, and her research is generally at the intersection of administrative law and immigration law. Her article Uncovering Coordinated Interagency Adjudication (128 Harvard Law Review 805 (2015)) provides a fascinating look at how agencies coordinate adjudicatory activities. She too presented a terrific paper at the Second Annual Administrative Law New Scholarship Roundtable earlier this summer. I’m very excited for Shah to bring her perspectives on agency adjudication, immigration, and inter-agency coordination to our Jotwell team.

So welcome Eloise, Margaret, and Bijal to the Jotwell Administrative Law Section! And thanks to our longstanding regular contributors: Jack Beermann, Cary Coglianese, Bill Funk, Michael Herz, Richard (“Chip”) Murphy, Anne Joseph O’Connell, Dick Pierce, Peter Shane, Jodi Short, Adrian Vermeule, and Kathryn Watts.

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