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George Mason Law Review–essays from the Transatlantic Forum

The inimitable Michael Greve hosts a stimulating conference with scholars and practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic, called (appropriately) the Transatlantic Law Forum. The George Mason Law Review just published some of the essays from the 8th of these conferences, with a intellectual and substantive diversity reflected in the essays. They include Mike’s introduction, “The Administrative State and Its Law,” and then has a broad survey of some of the important issues, including contributions from Greve and Chris DeMuth (on agency finance), my colleague David Zaring (on the legal response to the next financial crisis), me (providing the first law review citation for the broad arguments I make in my book on Fed independence, with some updates), among many others. It was a fascinating conference that has turned into an important symposium volume for GMU.

The link is here. Do take a look.

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