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Jotwell Administrative Law Section 2021 Year-End Review

As I first noted on the blog seven years ago, the Administrative Law Section of Jotwell—The Journal of Things We Like (Lots)—is a terrific resource for administrative law practitioners and scholars. Jotwell’s Administrative Law Section publishes monthly a short review of a current piece of administrative law scholarship, usually authored by one of our contributing editors who are all leading voices in the field (but we also consider guest reviews). These reviews situate the scholarship within the broader literature—and oftentimes also within the realities of administrative law practice—and then focus mainly on the things the reviewer likes (lots) about the piece.

Since 2015, I’ve had the privilege of serving as co-editor of the Jotwell’s Administrative Law Section, currently with Miriam Seifter as my section co-editor. This year the Administrative Law Section published eleven reviews (“jots”) of current scholarship in the field. Here is the rundown (in chronological order) with links to the reviews and the underlying papers:

  1. Michael E. Herz, Defending “Universal Vacatur” — Nationwide Injunctions for Administrative Law Nuts, JOTWELL (January 19, 2021) (reviewing Mila Sohoni, The Power to Vacate a Rule, 88 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 1121 (2020)).
  2. Jack Beermann, Patent Fake News, JOTWELL (February 22, 2021) (reviewing Janet Freilich, Ignoring Information Quality, 89 Fordham L. Rev. 2113 (2021)).
  3. Miriam Seifter, Illuminating The Problems of Electricity Regulation, JOTWELL (March 30, 2021) (reviewing Shelley Welton, Rethinking Grid Governance for the Climate Change Era, 109 Calif. L. Rev. 209 (2021)).
  4. Kristin Hickman, Artificial Intelligence Meets Simplexity, JOTWELL (April 20, 2021) (reviewing Joshua D. Blank & Leigh Osofsky, Automated Legal Guidance, 106 Cornell L. Rev. 179 (2020)).
  5. Richard Pierce, Third Party Standing Is Not for Sissies, JOTWELL (May 18, 2021) (reviewing Curtis Bradley & Ernest Young, Unpacking Third Party Standing, 131 Yale L.J. 1 (2021)).
  6. Jodi Short, National Parks, Inc., JOTWELL (June 14, 2021) (reviewing Sarah Light, National Parks, Incorporated, 169 U. Pa. L. Rev. 33 (2020)).
  7. Bijal Shah, A Definitive Work on Temporary Political Leadership, JOTWELL (July 16, 2021) (reviewing Anne Joseph O’Connell, Actings, 120 Colum. L. Rev. 613 (2020)).
  8. Christopher J. Walker, Unearthing the Lost World of APA Adjudication, JOTWELL (August 30, 2021) (reviewing Emily S. Bremer, The Rediscovered Stages of Agency Adjudication, 99 Wash. U. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming)).
  9. Eli Nachmany, A Second Look at the Administrative State: Deconstruction as Reassessment, JOTWELL (September 30, 2021) (reviewing Aaron L. Nielson, Deconstruction (Not Destruction), 150(3) Dædalus 143 (Spring 2021)).
  10. Michael E. Herz, Chevron Flip-Flops of a Different Sort — Understanding the Shifting Politics of Deference, JOTWELL (October 29, 2021) (reviewing Gregory A. Elinson & Jonathan S. Gould, The Politics of Deference, 75 Vand. L. Rev. (forthcoming)).
  11. Mila Sohoni, Immigration Law’s “Shadow Dockets”, JOTWELL (November 29, 2021) (reviewing Shalini Bhargava Ray, Immigration Law’s Arbitrariness Problem, 121 Colum. L. Rev. 2049 (2021)).

If you haven’t had a chance to read these reviews and the underlying papers, definitely check them out!

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