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New eRulemaking APIs for Uploading Comments and Downloading Data from

From the GSA Blog:

GSA has launched a pilot to test a new application programming interface (API) to support better automated downloads from, as well as enable a new API to support automated comment uploads.

GSA manages, a federal shared service that provides the public with one-stop access to regulatory and deregulatory actions for over 200 federal agencies while enabling the public to submit comments electronically on rulemakings.

For the first time, will test a “write” API allowing individuals and organizations to post bulk comments to Advocacy organizations will be able to use this feature to better submit large volumes of comments on behalf of their memberships.

The download feature, known as the “read” API, will improve the ability of users to search, download, and review information relating to regulatory dockets or files, supporting documents, and comments that have been previously submitted.

Draft documentation for the Comment API is available at for public comment. Once the API is finalized,  this site will be a one stop center for users of the API to locate the documentation guide, detailed API descriptions, and an automated key distribution service in order to connect to the GSA API.  The developers page and provide URL links to the site.  

The Comment API will help improve how the public interacts with, while maintaining the security and integrity of 

Currently, the legacy version of supports the ability to upload multiple comments through a manual upload process. This feature will be continued in the Beta version for those who wish to submit multiple comments but do not wish to leverage the API. This supports GSA’s commitment to ensuring that the public has multiple avenues to make comments on federal rulemakings.

GSA welcomes any comments and suggestions via Again, GSA encourages the public to continue to use the website and offer us your feedback through the “Feedback” button.

Members of the media: please contact with any inquiries.

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