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New Year, New Voices in Administrative Law and Legislation at AALS

From the program organizers Kent Barnett, Jarrod Shobe, and Evan Zoldan:

If you are attending AALS this year in Washington, D.C., please join our New Voices in Administrative Law and Legislation program on Friday, January 3 at 3:30 to 5:15 in the Roosevelt 5 Room at the Marriott Wardman Park. Twelve of our colleagues will be presenting their current projects:

NameInstitutionTitle of Project
Alyse Bertenthal UC Irvine School of LawThe Reasonable Agency Standard: An Empirical Study
Jonathan ChoiNew York University School of Law An Empirical Study of Statutory Interpretation in Tax Law
Daniel Deacon Michigan Law SchoolThe Federal Radio Act of 1927 and the Shaping of the Modern Administrative State
Tammi Etheridge Villanova University School of LawThe Weight of Uncertainty: Valuing Administrative Interpretations Post-Kisor
Joshua Galperin University of Pittsburgh School of Law Environmental Governance at the Edge of Democracy
Joshua Macey Cornell Law School The Regulatory Compact
James Macleod Brooklyn Law School“Because of [se]X‘: [Con]text, Objectivity, and the Search for Public Meaning
David Noll Rutgers Law School Agency Sabotage
Alexander PlattHarvard Law SchoolGatekeeping in the Dark
Bijal Shah Arizona State University College of Law Judicial Administration
Daniel Walters Penn State Law Symmetry’s Mandate: Constraining the Politicization of American Administrative Law
Ilan Wurman Arizona State University College of Law In Search of Prerogative

A sincere thank you to the assigned commenters for the program: Andy Grewal, Emily Hammond, Kristin Hickman, Linda Jellum, Donald Kochan, Ron Levin, Chip Murphy, Aaron Nielson, Todd Rakoff, Dan Rodriguez, Mark Seidenfeld, Glen Staszewski, Peter Strauss, Chris Walker, and David Zaring.

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