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Papers and Presenters for 2020 (Virtual) Administrative Law New Scholarship Roundtable

This is a really exciting set of papers for the annual adlaw new scholarship roundtable! From the Yale Law School website:

Roundtable Converted to Online Format for 2020, Will Resume In-Person in 2021

The Administrative Law New Scholarship Roundtable is an annual event each June, hosted by a rotating series of law schools, at which approximately twelve authors workshop their papers in a series of individual sessions, one for each paper, over the course of a day and a half. Each paper is introduced by a distinguished scholar who comments on the work and then facilitates discussion of it with all participants. Papers are chosen from a public call for proposals that is announced in January of each year with due date in March. Preference is given to those with less than ten years of tenure-track teaching. Scholars holding fellowships or visiting assistant professorships are welcome to submit.

In 2020, the Roundtable was originally scheduled for June 8–9, 2020, at Yale Law School, but Covid-19 has prevented it from occurring in person.  The organizing committee has converted the event into a series of four virtual “mini-roundtables,” each consisting of 3–4 papers with assigned commenters, to occur at various times during August and September 2020. Paper titles and participants are listed below. The Roundtable will resume on an in-person basis in June 2021, hosted at Yale, if conditions permit.  If you have questions about the Roundtable, please contact Nicholas Parrillo at


Kathleen Claussen, “Trade Administration”

Commenter: Anne Joseph O’Connell 

Irene Oritseweyinmi Joe, “Responding to Exonerations”

Commenter: Michael Sant’Ambrogio 

Shalev Roisman, “Presidential Law” 

Commenter: Peter Shane


Nancy Chi Cantalupo, “1/1000th of a Person? Democracy, Notice and Comment Rulemaking, and Protecting Title IX Rights” 

Commenter: Melissa Wasserman 

Blake Emerson, “The Departmental Structure of Executive Power: Subordinate Checks from Madison to Mueller” 

Commenter: Sophia Lee 

Joshua Macey, “The Regulatory Compact” 

Commenter: Nicholas Bagley 

Shalini Bhargava Ray, “Abdication Through Enforcement” 

Commenter: Nicholas Parrillo 


Craig Konnoth, “Preemption Through Privatization” 

Commenter: Nathan Cortez 

Jane Manners and Lev Menand, “Authorizing Presidential Removal: Inefficiency, Neglect of Duty, Malfeasance in Office and the Contours of Agency Independence” 

Commenter: Miriam Seifter 

Tejas N. Narechania and Erik Stallman, “Internet Federalism” 

Commenter: Jessica Bulman Pozen 


Emily Bremer, “One Kind of Hearing” 

Commenter: Cristina Rodríguez 

Oren Tamir, “The Firewall in Our Public Law” 

Commenter: Chris Walker 

Ilan Wurman, “In Search of Prerogative” 

Commenter: Glen Staszewski

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