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Release of 2020 Reg Map: A Guide to the Federal Informal Rulemaking Process

I’ve always loved using ICF’s Reg Map in class with my students, and I can imagine it’s helpful in the real world to introduce new lawyers (and legal interns) at federal agencies, on the Hill, etc., to the federal notice-and-comment rulemaking process. The same is no doubt true for clients who are about to navigate the rulemaking process. The 2020 version is now available (for free) here.

Here’s the description of this latest version from ICF’s website:

ICF’s Reg Map® provides federal agencies, Congressional committees, law schools, and others in the public and private sector with an overview of how the federal rulemaking process works. Designed to hang on your office wall or door, this complimentary 2’x2’ poster—updated in 2020—contains:

  • Practical information on how the U.S. federal informal rulemaking process works and guidance for regulators on required components of procedural tasks and potential challenges along the way;
  • Citations to relevant statutes, regulations, and Executive Orders;
  • References to authoritative interpretations of important rulemaking concepts; and
  • FAQs and a “Frequently Used” terms and abbreviations table that serves as a handy reference for agency program staff, journalists, students, and others interested in understanding the process.
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