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SCOTUSblog Symposium on Trump v. Mazars and Trump v. Vance

Last week, SCOTUSblog hosted a terrific symposium on the Supreme Court’s decisions concerning subpoenas for the president’s financial records, Trump v. Mazars and Trump v. Vance.

Here are links to the symposium contributions:

DateAuthorPost Title
07.11.20John MalcolmSymposium: On Trump tax returns, the latest battles may be over, but the war rages on
07.10.20Toby Heytens and Martine CicconiSymposium: Channeling an old chief to reject a new immunity
07.10.20Josh BlackmanSymposium: It must be nice to have John Marshall on your side
07.10.20Jamila Benkato, Justin Florence and Ben BerwickSymposium: A resounding rejection of Trump’s authoritarian approach to the presidency
07.10.20Peter ShaneSymposium: The Trump subpoena cases and the search for normalcy
07.09.20Ilya SominSymposium: A better way to limit Congress’ subpoena power