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Summertime Scholarship Conversations

For those interested in new scholarship in constitutional and administrative law, Neysun Mahboubi has organized a summer discussion series on the Law and Governance channel on Clubhouse. The first event is tomorrow, June 30 at 8:30 pm EDT. Calvin Terbeek will be in the hot seat, discussing his new article in the American Political Science Review, “Clocks Must Always Be Turned Back”: Brown v. Board of Education and the Racial Origins of Constitutional Originalism. The panelists include Neysun Mahboubi, Julian Mortenson, Noah Rosenblum, Eric Segall, and Ilan Wurman.

Additional conversations are scheduled for July and August, each time on a Wednesday evening at 8:30 pm EDT. On July 28, I’ll discuss my article, The Rediscovered Stages of Agency Adjudication, which is forthcoming in the University of Washington Law Review. And on August 25, Noah Rosenblum will discuss his article, The Antifascist Roots of Presidential Administration, which is forthcoming in the Columbia Law Review.

If you’re unfamiliar with Clubhouse, it’s a social media app that lets you drop in to a conversation. (The New York Times has an explainer.) In my so-far limited experience, it’s easy to use. And it’s free! But you do need an invitation from a current user to join.

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