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Texas Law Hosts Eighth Annual Administrative Law New Scholarship Roundtable

From the University of Texas School of Law website:

The University of Texas School of Law is pleased to host the eighth annual Administrative Law New Scholarship Roundtable on May 16-17, 2023. Texas Law’s Prof. Melissa Wasserman and Prof. Wendy Wagner are organizing the event.

The Administrative Law New Scholarship Roundtable is an annual event, hosted by a rotating series of law schools, at which approximately 12 authors workshop their papers in a series of individual sessions, one for each paper, over the course of a day and a half. Each paper is introduced by a senior scholar who comments on the work and facilitates discussion of it with all participants. Papers are chosen by the multi-school organizing committee from a public call for proposals that is announced several months in advance of the event. Authors must have less than 10 years of tenure-track teaching.


Cristina Isabel Ceballos, Curbing the President’s Power Over Criminal Administrative Law
Commenter: Peter Strauss

Elena Chachko, Toward Regulatory Protectionism: The International Elements of Agency Power
Commenter: Michael Sant’Ambrogio

Emily Chertoff, Systemic Agency Enforcement Challenges
Commenter: Glen Staszewski

Lunch Time Speaker:
Kathleen Claussen (co-author Kristin Blankely), Alternative Adjudication

Dan Deacon, Responding to Alternatives
Commenter: Anya Bernstein

Amit Haim, Binding Language in Government Guidance Documents
Commenter: Melissa Wasserman

Richard Jolly, The Administrative State’s Jury Problem
Commenter: Ron Levin

Eli Nachmany, Slicing up Chevron
Commenter: Kristin Hickman

Lindsay Nash, Inventing Deportation Arrests
Commenter: Emily Bremer

Rachel Rothschild, Juristocracy and Administrative Governance: From Benzene to Climate
Commenter: Nick Parrillo

Gabriel Scheffler (co-author Daniel Walters), The Concealed Administrative State
Commenter: Wendy Wagner

Jennifer Selin (co-author Jordan Butcher), How Free is Information? Transparency in State Government
Commenter: Christopher Walker

Jeffery Zhang, Administrative Law in Eras of Risk and Uncertainty
Commenter: Nathan Cortez

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