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The Federalist Society’s Online Resources for Teaching and Learning Administrative Law

Especially during this time of social distancing and online teaching and learning, I thought I’d flag a few resources for learning administrative law online. In this post, I highlight the terrific resources the Federalist Society has produced in recent years. In the coming days and weeks, I will publish additional posts on other online resources, and we’d welcome any guest posts from those who want to flag materials they have created, are using in online classes, etc.

First and foremost, the Federalist Society has created a terrific (and free) online administrative law course as part of its No. 86 Project. This course includes more than 30 short videos and 90 minutes of instruction. You can register for it here, and here are the links to specific segments of interest:

Second, the Federalist Society has collected all of its videos on administrative law and regulatory practice here. These include videos of full panels at conferences as well as short explainer videos and documentaries. One of my personal favorites, which I have my students watch before our first class on Chevron deference, is the short documentary Chevron: Accidental Landmark.

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