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Who Regulates the Robots?

In “Who Regulates the Robots?” I’ve written up Woody Hartzog’s article Unfair and Deceptive Robots over on JOTWELL:

“When the law faces a new technology, a basic question is who governs it, with what regulatory mandates, and with what rules? Technological development disrupts regulatory schemes. Take, for example, the challenges the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) now faces with drones. The FAA usually regulates aircraft safety. Drones force the FAA to consider—and in some cases reject as outside the agency’s mandate—issues of privacy, spectrum policy, data security, autonomous decision-making, and more. The pace and complexity of recent technological change has led some to call for the creation of new agencies, including a Federal Robotics Commission. But given the significant hurdles involved in agency creation, it is valuable in the short run to assess what tools we already have…”

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