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Wrapping Up Public Service Recognition Month

In case you missed it, May was Public Service Recognition Month here at Notice & Comment. We published tributes to an amazing group of public servants:

A Tribute to Judge H. Alexander Manuel, by Patricia B. Miles

The Example of Ingrid Schroffner: Any Exemplary Government Lawyer, Advocate for Diversity, and Mentor, by Renée M. Landers

ABA Mary C. Lawton Award Recipient: Judge Melissa McIntosh, by Elaine Reiss

A Tribute to Chief Administrative Law Judge Lorraine Lee, by Julian Mann, III

A Tribute to Judge Judy Boggs, by Christopher J. Walker

Tribute to Nina Olson, by Leslie Book

Tribute to Paul R. Verkuil, by Reeve T. Bull

Tribute to Matt Wiener, by Jack Beermann

A Tribute to Carol Ann Siciliano, by Emily Bremer

Tribute to Ron Levin, by Jeffrey Lubbers

Many thanks to Chris Walker for pulling this together, to all of our contributors, and (most especially!) to all of the fine people who dedicate themselves to the challenging work of public administration.

This post is part of the ABA Administrative Law Section Series Celebrating Public Service; all the posts in the series are collected here

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