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Add a Side of Adjudication to Your Lunch This Wednesday

As I noted last month, Neysun Mahboubi has put together a series of Clubhouse conversations this summer about recent administrative law scholarship. Join us this Wednesday, July 28 at noon Eastern to discuss my forthcoming Washington University Law Review article, The Rediscovered Stages of Agency Adjudication. It’ll make you see APA adjudication in a whole new light! The paper argues, in brief, that informal and formal adjudication are not alternative modes–they are consecutive stages. The discussion will begin with me, Neysun, Bridget Dooling, Julian Mortensen, and Chris Walker “on stage.” I look forward to their–and your!–thoughts and reactions.

We originally planned to begin at 8:30 pm, but we’ve moved up the time of this week’s conversation to avoid conflicting with the AdLaw Section’s trivia night.

The third and final discussion will be held on August 25 at the original time, 8:30 pm Eastern. Noah Rosenblum will discuss his article, The Antifascist Roots of Presidential Administration, which is forthcoming in the Columbia Law Review.

If you’re unfamiliar with Clubhouse, it’s a social media app that lets you drop in to a conversation. (The New York Times has an explainer.) In my so-far limited experience, it’s easy to use. And it’s free! But you do need an invitation from a current user to join. Update: Anyone with this link can join!

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