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Administrative Law as Prerequisite

Stepping away from research interests for a post, I thought I’d pose a teaching-related question to the bloggers and readers of Notice and Comment: for which courses that you (or others you know) teach is Administrative Law a mandatory prerequisite? After two weekends spent at conferences where I had a chance to catch up with colleagues teaching Environmental Law, Food & Drug Law, Consumer Protection Law, and others, we stumbled onto our schools’ practices with respect to mandatory prerequisites, especially Administrative Law. For each of the courses named above, as well as others, we agreed that a substantial amount of at least the early parts of the course were spent reviewing what would have almost certainly been covered in the basic Admin class. However, we also knew that seeking to impose Administrative Law as a formal prerequisite would wreak havoc on associate deans’ already complicated lives, student timelines, and even faculty teaching loads. For those of you who teach a course for which Admin is a required or recommended prerequisite and what experiences you’ve had in navigating related questions, I welcome your thoughts.  I’m happy to summarize results from comments.

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