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Apportionments Revealed

I’m tagging in on the apportionments beat for a quick update. Prof. Matt Lawrence’s post explained that the 2022 Consolidated Apportionments Act required the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) to disclose materials related to apportionment decisions.

(If “apportionments” is a word whose meaning escapes you, check out the instant-classic 2016 Yale Law Journal article by Prof. Eloise Pasachoff, which explained the role that apportionments play in presidential administration. Also see this Politico piece as an example of how salient apportionments became in the Trump administration.)

The news is that the OMB website with this information is now up! For more on this development, check out this great explainer from Gordon Gray. The race is on to do great things with this data. Go forth! Your visibility might be limited, however: the coalition of advocacy groups that pushed for this transparency notes that it will end with this fiscal year (Sept. 30, 2022) unless Congress extends it.

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