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Checking in on a Pair of Retired D.C. Circuit Judges …

The Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention is next week. I’m pleased to see that Judge Janice Rogers Brown is going to deliver a lecture:

As you no doubt recall, Judge Brown — for whom I clerked — retired from the D.C. Circuit a few years ago. She doesn’t speak often.

It turns out, however, that she isn’t the only retired D.C. Circuit judge who is scheduled to speak. Judge Griffith — who retired earlier this year — is also going to participate:


These are just a couple of the events — there are many others, including panels about administrative law. The Convention starts next Monday and goes all week. Everything is online and free. Judge Griffith will speak Tuesday at 12:30 and Judge Brown will speak Thursday at 6:00.

Here is the registration link.

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