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Conclusion: Reflections on Seminole Rock

Our symposium on Seminole Rock deference has now come to an end. I will take a few moments, however, to thank all of the participants. By my count, 30 different contributors posted as part of this symposium. We are fortunate that so many folks, with so many different perspectives, were willing to take the time to share their knowledge. Going forward, I hope that future scholarship on Seminole Rock will begin with this symposium. And more broadly, I expect that as legal scholarship evolves, there will be many more events like this one.

I also wish to thank the wonderful editors of the Yale Journal on Regulation–with particular thanks to Ravi Bhalla, Zachary Ramirez-Brunner, and Yume Hoshijima. This symposium could not have happened without them. These editors work hard and never complain (even when I give them cause to do so). They do great work.

In short, we appreciate all those who made this event possible. I thought I understood Seminole Rock before; now I know there is a lot more to think about. Hopefully, dear readers, you too have learned something new.

This post is part of an online symposium entitled Reflections on Seminole Rock: The Past, Present, and Future of Deference to Agency Regulatory Interpretations. You can read the entire series here.

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