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D. C. Circuit Review: Reviewed – A Brief History of the D. C. Circuit 

The D. C. Circuit held no arguments and issued no opinions last week. While all await the decision of the panel in United States v. Donald Trump, No. 23-3228, whether former President Trump is immune from criminal liability for acts taken while president, (articles speculating about the timing can be found here and here), this is an excellent time to read “What Makes the D.C. Circuit Different? A Historical View”, a classic brief history of the D. C. Circuit by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, which was published by the Virginia Law Review in 2006 while he was Chief Justice, but was based on remarks he gave in 2005, while he was still a member of the D. C. Circuit.  As is typical of the Chief Justice, his writing here is clear, concise (only 15 pages), and filled with wit. 

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