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D.C. Circuit Review – Reviewed: Checking in on the Shadowy Flamingo

The D.C. Circuit issued no published opinions this week.* Accordingly, this seems like a fine time to check in on an old friend: the Shadowy Flamingo.

In 2016, I wrote a post about the Court’s new practice of providing free access to unpublished judgments. The most interesting case I found using that feature was Flamingo Las Vegas Operating v. NLRB.  So I entitled my post A Flamingo in the Shadows.

I confess that I although I read almost every published decision of the D.C. Circuit, I often don’t get to the unpublished ones. This week, however, I did read them and found some highlights. Here, for example, is the key language from Logmet, LLC v. NLRB:

Here is the heart of Hudson v. American Federation of Government Employees:

This amended judgment might be of interest to some readers (for obvious reasons):

If you follow criminal law, this snippet from United States v. McGill may catch your attention:

And finally, we have Klayman v. Fitton:

Enjoy your weekend.

* We likely will get a major decision fairly soon … 

There have been some interesting docket entries that may help explain the delay:

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