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D.C. Circuit Review – Reviewed: Judge Griffith’s Visit to Utah

Sorry; another quick post.

There were no opinions this week — but there was a notable order. And a cohort of the D.C. Circuit visited the Supreme Court to attend Justice Kavanaugh’s investiture. Per Zoe Tillman, the following judges were in attendance:

A few judges are missing from that list, including Judge Griffith. Where was he? At Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah — my stomping grounds:

Unfortunately, I didn’t see him!* Even so, I’m confident I’ll see Judge Griffith in Provo soon enough. But if you want to know his views of habeas corpus during wartime, you’ll have to ask someone who was there!

* Where was I? In Augusta, Georgia. While there, serendipitously, I saw Bob Dylan and his (amazing) band cover a song by — wait for it — James Brown. With no opinions to read, you may want to click on this and this.

(Sorry this post is a dud; I suspect we will have opinions next week.)

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