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D.C. Circuit Review – Reviewed: No Opinions This Week … Again

In November 2017, the D.C. Circuit decided a fair number of cases.* Here is a list of the Court’s published opinions:

If we go back to November 2016, we see a similar output:

November 2015 was a bit more quiet, but still, the Court reached double digits:

Why this focus on past years? Because my friends at D.C. Circuit Breaker ask an interesting question:

Here is the D.C. Circuit’s output in November 2018:

My prediction? Next week we will have a lot of opinions.

Until then, however, here is a link to get you into the holiday spirit. And if you need a dose of legal analysis, here is an interesting denial of mandamus that I missed last week. Enjoy!

* Well, a “fair number” by D.C. Circuit standards. By contrast, here is the Fifth Circuit’s November 2017 output … and this isn’t including 177 unpublished opinions!

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