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Executive Order on Improving Customer Service (Plus This Week’s Plenary Session of the Administrative Conference)

Today, President Biden issued an Executive Order entitled Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government. I suspect that others will provide more substantive thoughts about the order’s various parts. Here, however, is the fact sheet if you want a summary and a list of the agencies involved. There is a lot in the EO but one of its major themes is improving online access. Implementing this order — especially implementing it well — will obviously require a great deal of sustained focus. But the EO is a first step.

The EO reminds of what the Administrative Conference of the United States has been up to.* This Thursday will be the plenary session of ACUS. One of the key themes there will also be how to best increase public access to agency materials. It is not a secret that the federal government can be complicated and hard to navigate, particularly for outsiders. It is important to recognize that fact and work in concrete ways to address it.

* Disclosure: Although I don’t speak for the agency, I am a public member of ACUS and chair the Administration and Management Committee.

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