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The Latest Data on Legislation & Regulation and Administrative Law Course Requirements at US Law Schools, by Ben Bratman

With the aid of my smart and industrious research assistant Rob Galloway, I have completed the annual list of Legislation and Regulation (Leg Reg) and Administrative Law course requirements at ABA accredited law schools. The link to the list as a publicly viewable Google doc is here.

Two schools (Georgia State and Wisconsin) have added Leg Reg to their first-year curriculum, and the University of Chicago has added Legislation and Statutory Interpretation. Indiana-Indianapolis has made Administrative Law a required course. New to the list, though perhaps not new requirements: Both Inter-American and Pontifical Catholic (Puerto Rico) require Administrative Law as well. Oklahoma City Law School has added as a requirement that students take either Administrative Law or Legislation.

The list now identifies 55 schools that require their students to take a Leg Reg course or a course on legislation, statutory interpretation, or administrative law. Also of note on this year’s list: A more thorough review of the various schools’ curricula revealed several more that offer Leg Reg (or a course on legislation and/or statutory interpretation) or Administrative Law as a first-year elective. The list identifies 19 schools under this category.

I take responsibility for any errors. If your school is not represented accurately, get in touch with me at

Ben Bratman is Professor of Legal Writing at Pitt Law. This post originally appeared at the Best Practices for Legal Education Blog.

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