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The Real OIRA: Inside White House Reg Review

Each morning, lawyers everywhere do certain things. We brush our teeth; take a shower; get dressed; check our email and the headlines; have a bite to eat; exchange pleasantries with loved ones, co-workers, or both; and then read the Notice & Comment blog. (Well, at least we all should do these things ….)

I followed that routine this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see a new logo at this website. The American Bar Association’s Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice now co-sponsors the blog. I knew this change was coming—Chris Walker made the announcement at the Section’s annual Administrative Law Conference a couple of weeks back—but it’s still nice to see.

This new co-sponsorship presents a good opportunity to highlight a recent teleforum hosted by the ABA Admin Law Section entitled “The Real OIRA: Understanding the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.” I was fortunate enough to moderate an all-star panel of former of OIRA officials. I learned a lot about how OIRA works. If you missed the event, a free recording is now available. Check it out.

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