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Disclosures Regarding Authors’ Conflicts of Interest

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This disclosure document accompanies our special issue on digital platform regulation.

We include this omnibus conflict-of-interest disclosure statement at the end of this special issue rather than appending Article-specific disclosure statements to each Article. 

This omnibus disclosure document is intended to comply with the substantive principles of the Disclosure Policy of the American Economic Association. To that end, we note that Omidyar Network and the Knight Foundation have provided monetary support to the Digital Economy Project at Yale University’s Tobin Center for Economic Policy (which provides infrastructure enabling these Articles) and directly to certain of its participants. Omidyar Network also employed one of the co-authors of the Articles for a period that overlapped with the time period in which certain of the Articles were drafted. We also note on behalf of all authors that no non-author person or entity had the right to review any of the Articles included in this special issue prior to their publication. 

Please see the full document for disclosures relating to individual authors’ conflicts of interest.

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