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D.C. Circuit Review—Reviewed: 2022 In Review

Happy New Year! As 2023 begins, let’s look back at last year and review D.C. Circuit Review—Reviewed.

It was a busy year at the D.C. Circuit, except when it wasn’t (see here, here, here, and here, and here too. Also here. I could cite more silent weeks from the D.C. Circuit, if you’d like. We spent many weeks on opinion watch. And then the deluge.)

History was made when Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, formerly Judge Jackson of the nation’s second most important court, was sworn in as an Associate Justice of the nation’s first most important court. 

Not to be outdone, the D.C. Circuit made its own history and welcomed two new judges: Judge J. Michelle Childs and Judge Florence Y. Pan

D.C. Circuit Review—Reviewed shared first-hand reporting on the unveiling of the portrait of Senior Judge David S. Tatel.

It was also a year of loss at the D.C. Circuit. We paid tribute to Judge Silberman (see here and here). As Judge Griffith put it, “It’s hard to imagine the D.C. Circuit without Judge Larry Silberman.”

What of the D.C. Circuit’s opinions? From my none-too-systematic survey, several themes traced through 2022 at D.C. Circuit Review—Reviewed.

Finally, we shared a fond farewell with our colleague, Aimee Brown (you’re always welcome back!). In 2023, we are happy to welcome Garrett West, who will bring you all the news about the nation’s second most important court next week.

(Oh, and by the way, the D.C. Circuit issued one opinion last week. If you love property law, as I do, check it out!)

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